AI Index pool Walkthrough

4 min readAug 26


This walkthrough will guide you through the steps to interact with the NeoCortexAI Index Pool platform. Please follow the steps as shown below:

Step 1: Accessing the Index Pool

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the NeoCortexAI website.
  • Locate and click on the “AI Index Pool” tab on the website’s navigation menu.

Step 2: Minting iNFTs

  • Upon clicking the “AI Index Pool” tab, you will be directed to the Indexpool iNFT mint site.
  • On this page, you will find the available live indexpool iNFT mint options.
  • The prices for each iNFT will be clearly specified in either BUD or USDT.

Step 3: Participating in the iNFT Sale

  • The iNFT sale or fundraising period will be active for a specific number of days, indicated by a countdown timer at the top of the page.
  • Choose the desired number of iNFTs you wish to mint.
  • The total cost of the selected iNFTs will be displayed.
  • Click the “Mint” button to proceed.

Step 4: Confirming the Minting Transaction

  • A confirmation prompt will appear.
  • Confirm the transaction using your connected wallet.
  • The minting process will be executed, and the iNFTs will be generated.

Step 5: Viewing Minted iNFTs

  • Once the minting process is complete, the minted iNFTs will be visible in your inventory, alongside your pNFTs.

Step 6: monitor the status

  • You can monitor the status and progress of various index pools in the “History” section, located below the minting page.

iNFT Swap

After the iNFT minting phase ends, the funds generated from the index pool will be utilized to trade promising AI tokens available in the market. The funds collected through the index pool will undergo trading for a specified duration before becoming available for liquidation through the swap feature. Please note that the swap for a particular iNFT will not be available when the index pool is in the fundraising phase or the trading phase.

Step 7: Initiating the Swap Process

  • On the “AI Index Pool” tab, find and click the “Swap” feature.
  • A new page with the swap interface will appear.

Step 8: Swapping iNFT for nCORAI Tokens

  • From the provided dropdown list, select the specific iNFT you intend to swap.
  • You can now initiate the swap process to convert your selected iNFT into nCORAI tokens.
  • The selected iNFT will be burned during this conversion.

Step 9: Confirming the Swap Transaction

  • Upon selecting the iNFT to be swapped, click the “Swap” button.
  • Confirm the swap transaction through your connected wallet.
  • Note that swapping is not possible while the pool is actively trading or fundraising.

Step 10: Verifying the Transaction

  • After completing the swap, you can verify the transaction by checking the blockchain explorer, such as BscScan.

This concludes the walkthrough for the NeoCortexAI Index Pool platform, guiding you through minting iNFTs, monitoring index pool history, and utilizing the swap feature for converting iNFTs into nCORAI tokens. The iNFT will also be listed on various secondary NFT marketplace where owners can speculate on the price and trade the NFT as well. For more information the NeoCortexAI indexpool please check out the article on the indexpool and stay up to date by following the socials for more exciting news on the indexpool.




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