An In-depth Analysis of Fleamint

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Fleamint, a rising star in the world of decentralized ecosystems, is setting a remarkable precedent with its innovative approach. At NeoCortexAI, we’re excited to collaborate with Fleamint and introduce our community to the dynamic possibilities this platform offers. Fleamint serves as a robust ecosystem, combining cutting-edge technology with the principles of decentralization to create a space that empowers users on multiple fronts.

Unique Features of Fleamint:

What truly sets Fleamint apart is its multi-dimensional approach to decentralization. It offers a decentralized exchange (DEX) that not only facilitates seamless swapping but also adheres to non-custodial principles, ensuring security and trust in every transaction. Fleamint’s decentralized marketplace is a game-changer, allowing users to buy and sell a wide array of NFTs and digital assets, all while providing decentralized escrow and multi-blockchain integration for reliability.

Furthermore, Fleamint introduces a decentralized social network, fostering meaningful interactions within the web3 ecosystem. It incorporates decentralized identity management and NFT integration, promising a novel way to connect and collaborate within the decentralized web. Additionally, the platform ventures into decentralized finance (DeFi) through its Ventures platform, enabling entrepreneurs and innovators to fund projects collaboratively and tokenize assets. Fleamint is not just a platform; it’s a holistic ecosystem that propels the decentralized web into new dimensions.

IDO Details

Token name: FLMC

Token Symbol: FLMC

Chain: BSC Smart Chain

Initial Supply: 1,720,532

Initial Market Cap: 3,096,959

Total Supply: 20,000,000

Fully DIluted Value: 36,000,000

TGE Date: 11th September

Vesting Schedule: 100% at TGE


IDO price: $1.8

How to Participate in IDO

NeoCortexAI’s IDO participation is a hassle free process without any whitelisting required. Simply head on to our launchpad, pay the $nCORAI entry fee, and deposit your funds once the IDO starts to take part in the token sale.




About NeoCortexAI:

NeoCortexAi is a comprehensive platform that seamlessly links blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to push forward the leaders of the new world. Our AI-Launchpad for cutting-edge AI projects, Multi-AI-Index Pool with DCA AI bots, AI-Swap, and AI-Brain Center makes us the ultimate one-stop-gateway to the latest developments and trends in AI and blockchain technology.

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