The Second Horseman of the AI Revolution: AI Index Pool

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In the relentless surge of technological innovation, the AI revolution stands as a harbinger of a future redefined by intelligence augmentation. Amid this paradigm shift, NeoCortexAI unveils the dawn of a new era with its groundbreaking initiative: the AI Index Pool. A visionary feat that promises to reshape investment landscapes, the AI Index Pool harnesses the power of AI and blockchain to chart a dynamic course toward collective growth and diversification.

AI Index NFTs: A Paradigm Shift in Investment

Central to NeoCortexAI’s endeavor is the issuance of AI Index NFTs (iNFTs), a revolutionary concept that fuses the potency of NFTs with the strategic art of investment. These iNFTs serve as a testament to Proof of Hodl, encapsulating investor commitment until the culmination of the AI Index Pool event. Their inception is marked by a dual launch: across external Initial NFT Offering (INO) platforms and within the proprietary NeoCortexAI ecosystem.

Driving AI Investment: A Holistic Approach

The financial fuel garnered through iNFTs constitutes the bedrock of the AI Index Pool’s transformative potential. With a meticulous eye for risk management and investment diversification, NeoCortexAI directs the pooled funds towards the acquisition of Promising AI Tokens. The eclectic mix includes IAiO tokens, CORAI, and nCORAI, forming a robust foundation for collective growth.

A nominal management fee of 2.5% is retained from the funds amassed, facilitating the orchestration of this visionary endeavor. With transparency as the guiding ethos, the AI Index Pool operates under the vigilant gaze of AI-driven trading bots, adroitly navigating the ebb and flow of markets for a potent, curated investment experience.

Empowering Investors: The iNFT Trading Paradigm

As the AI Index Pool saga unfolds, iNFTs transform into dynamic tradable assets. A vibrant secondary market awaits iNFT holders, beckoning engagement on platforms like Opensea, Binance NFT, and Magic Eden. Here, investors can craft nimble strategies, embracing opportunities for entry, exit, or the artful act of flipping, redefining their investment journey.

The Climax: Realizing Value

The crescendo of this transformative symphony arrives with the conclusion of the AI Index Pool event. NeoCortexAI unveils the Plus (+) or Minus (-) Profit and Loss (PNL) of invested tokens, transforming the mosaic of investments into a singular currency: nCORAI. The compelling act of burning iNFTs serves as a gateway to claiming ownership of nCORAI tokens, a testament to the investor’s journey.

Proof of Hodl: Calculating Destiny

The grandeur of this endeavor finds culmination in the Proof of Hodl smart contract. It meticulously calculates the amalgamation of (+) PNL and Principle Amount, weaving them into the fabric of iNFTs. This intricate tapestry determines the quantum of NFTs that each investor can amass, serving as a blueprint for the transition to nCORAI tokens. With precision, it guides the swapping and claiming process, symbolizing the culmination of an audacious vision.

In the throes of the AI revolution, the AI Index Pool stands as the second horseman, galloping forth with the fusion of AI, blockchain, and investment acumen. NeoCortexAI’s symphony of innovation heralds a future where intelligence and investment coalesce, unfurling a new paradigm that beckons the brave and the visionary.

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